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7.1.4 Creating a Virtual Server

If you’re saving lots of articles in the cache by using persistent articles, you may want to create a virtual server to read the cache.

First you need to add a new server. The a command does that. It would probably be best to use nnml to read the cache. You could also use nnspool or nnmh, though.

Type a nnml RET cache RET.

You should now have a brand new nnml virtual server called ‘cache’. You now need to edit it to have the right definitions. Type e to edit the server. You’ll be entered into a buffer that will contain the following:

(nnml "cache")

Change that to:

(nnml "cache"
         (nnml-directory "~/News/cache/")
         (nnml-active-file "~/News/cache/active"))

Type C-c C-c to return to the server buffer. If you now press RET over this virtual server, you should be entered into a browse buffer, and you should be able to enter any of the groups displayed.