10.15.2 Face

Face headers are essentially a funkier version of X-Face ones. They describe a 48x48 pixel colored image that’s supposed to represent the author of the message.

The contents of a Face header must be a base64 encoded PNG image. See https://quimby.gnus.org/circus/face/ for the precise specifications.

The gnus-face-properties-alist variable affects the appearance of displayed Face images. See X-Face.

Viewing a Face header requires an Emacs that is able to display PNG images.

Gnus provides a few convenience functions and variables to allow easier insertion of Face headers in outgoing messages.

gnus-convert-png-to-face takes a 48x48 PNG image, no longer than 726 bytes long, and converts it to a face.

gnus-face-from-file takes a JPEG file as the parameter, and then converts the file to Face format by using the gnus-convert-image-to-face-command shell command.

Here’s how you would typically use this function. Put something like the following in your ~/.gnus.el file:

(setq message-required-news-headers
      (nconc message-required-news-headers
             (list '(Face . (lambda ()
                              (gnus-face-from-file "~/face.jpg"))))))