10.20.2 Gnus Cloud Usage

After setting up, you can use these shortcuts from the Group buffer:

~ d

Download the latest Gnus Cloud data.

~ u
~ ~

Upload the local Gnus Cloud data. Creates a new CloudSynchronizationDataPack(TM).

But wait, there’s more. Of course there’s more. So much more. You can customize all of the following.

Variable: gnus-cloud-synced-files

These are the files that will be part of every CloudSynchronizationDataPack(TM). They are included in every upload, so don’t synchronize a lot of large files. Files under 100Kb are best.

Variable: gnus-cloud-storage-method

This is a choice from several storage methods. It’s highly recommended to use the EPG facilities. It will be automatic if have GnuPG installed and EPG loaded. Otherwise, you could use Base64+gzip, Base64, or no encoding.

Variable: gnus-cloud-interactive

When this is set, and by default it is, the Gnus Cloud package will ask you for confirmation here and there. Leave it on until you’re comfortable with the package.

Variable: gnus-cloud-method

The name of the IMAP server to store the CloudSynchronizationDataPack(TM)s. It’s easiest to set this from the Server buffer (see Gnus Cloud Setup).