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9.14.5 Gravatars

A gravatar is an image registered to an e-mail address.

You can submit yours on-line at

The following variables offer control over how things are displayed.

The size in pixels of gravatars. Gravatars are always square, so one number for the size is enough. If nil, this defaults to the value of gravatar-size.
List of image properties applied to Gravatar images (see Image Descriptors).
Regexp that matches mail addresses or names of people whose avatars should not be displayed, or nil to display all avatars. It defaults to the value of gnus-article-x-face-too-ugly (see X-Face).

If you want to see gravatars in the From field, set:

     (setq gnus-treat-from-gravatar 'head)

If you want to see them in the Cc and To fields, set:

     (setq gnus-treat-mail-gravatar 'head)