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10.2 Interactive


If this variable is non-nil, you are either a newcomer to the World of Usenet, or you are very cautious, which is a nice thing to be, really. You will be given questions of the type “Are you sure you want to do this?” before doing anything dangerous. This is t by default.


If this variable is non-nil, you will seldom be asked any questions by Gnus. It will simply assume you know what you’re doing, no matter how strange. For example, quitting Gnus, exiting a group without an update, catching up with a group, deleting expired articles, and replying by mail to a news message will not require confirmation.


Require confirmation before catching up a group if non-nil. It is t by default.


If non-nil, require a confirmation when exiting Gnus. If quiet, update any active summary buffers automatically without querying. The default value is t.