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6.6.4 Mail-To-News Gateways

If your local nntp server doesn't allow posting, for some reason or other, you can post using one of the numerous mail-to-news gateways. The nngateway back end provides the interface.

Note that you can't read anything from this back end—it can only be used to post with.

Server variables:

This is the address of the mail-to-news gateway.
News headers often have to be transformed in some odd way or other for the mail-to-news gateway to accept it. This variable says what transformation should be called, and defaults to nngateway-simple-header-transformation. The function is called narrowed to the headers to be transformed and with one parameter—the gateway address.

This default function just inserts a new To header based on the Newsgroups header and the gateway address. For instance, an article with this Newsgroups header:

          Newsgroups: alt.religion.emacs

will get this To header inserted:

          To: alt-religion-emacs@GATEWAY

The following pre-defined functions exist:

Creates a To header that looks like newsgroup@nngateway-address.

Creates a To header that looks like nngateway-address.

Here's an example:

     (setq gnus-post-method

So, to use this, simply say something like:

     (setq gnus-post-method '(nngateway "GATEWAY.ADDRESS"))