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4.17.1 Uuencoded Articles

X u

Uudecodes the current series (gnus-uu-decode-uu).


Uudecodes and saves the current series (gnus-uu-decode-uu-and-save).

X v u

Uudecodes and views the current series (gnus-uu-decode-uu-view).

X v U

Uudecodes, views and saves the current series (gnus-uu-decode-uu-and-save-view).

Remember that these all react to the presence of articles marked with the process mark. If, for instance, you’d like to decode and save an entire newsgroup, you’d typically do M P a (gnus-uu-mark-all) and then X U (gnus-uu-decode-uu-and-save).

All this is very much different from how gnus-uu worked with GNUS 4.1, where you had explicit keystrokes for everything under the sun. This version of gnus-uu generally assumes that you mark articles in some way (see Setting Process Marks) and then press X u.

Note: When trying to decode articles that have names matching gnus-uu-notify-files, which is hard-coded to ‘[Cc][Ii][Nn][Dd][Yy][0-9]+.\\(gif\\|jpg\\)’, gnus-uu will automatically post an article on ‘comp.unix.wizards’ saying that you have just viewed the file in question. This feature can’t be turned off.