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9.14.6 Various XEmacs Variables

This is where Gnus will look for pictures. Gnus will normally auto-detect this directory, but you may set it manually if you have an unusual directory structure.
A glyph displayed in all Gnus mode lines. It is a tiny gnu head by default. Toolbar
This variable specifies the position to display the toolbar. If nil, don't display toolbars. If it is non-nil, it should be one of the symbols default, top, bottom, right, and left. default means to use the default toolbar, the rest mean to display the toolbar on the place which those names show. The default is default.
Cons of the height and the width specifying the thickness of a toolbar. The height is used for the toolbar displayed on the top or the bottom, the width is used for the toolbar displayed on the right or the left. The default is that of the default toolbar.
The toolbar in the group buffer.
The toolbar in the summary buffer.
The toolbar in the summary buffer of mail groups.