1.9 Quitting Info

To get out of Info, back to what you were doing before, type q for Quit. This runs quit-window in Emacs.

This is the end of the basic course on using Info. You have learned how to move in an Info document, and how to follow menus and cross references. This makes you ready for reading manuals top to bottom, as new users should do when they learn a new package.

Another set of Info commands is useful when you need to find something quickly in a manual—that is, when you need to use a manual as a reference rather than as a tutorial. We urge you to learn these search commands as well. If you want to do that now, follow this cross reference to Advanced Info Commands.

Yet another set of commands are meant for experienced users; you can find them by looking in the Directory node for documentation on Info. Finding them will be a good exercise in using Info in the usual manner.

>> Type d to go to the Info directory node; then type
   mInfo and Return, to get to the node about Info and
   see what other help is available.