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2.7.6 Encrypt-to-self

By default, messages are encrypted to all recipients (To, Cc, Bcc headers). Thus, you will not be able to decrypt your own messages. To make sure that messages are also encrypted to your own key(s), several alternative solutions exist:

  1. Use the encrypt-to option in the file gpg.conf (for OpenPGP) or gpgsm.conf (for S/MIME with EasyPG). See Invoking GPG, or See Invoking GPGSM.
  2. Include your own e-mail address (for which you created a key-pair) among the recipients.
  3. Customize the variable mml-secure-openpgp-encrypt-to-self (for OpenPGP) or mml-secure-smime-encrypt-to-self (for S/MIME with EasyPG).