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13 The Menu Bar

For those of you who prefer to mouse and menu instead of using the meta-coke-bottle-bucky keys, MH-E provides menu items for most of its functions. The MH-Folder buffer adds the ‘Folder’, ‘Message’, and ‘Sequence’ menus. The MH-Letter buffer adds the ‘Identity’ and ‘Letter’ menus. The MH-Search buffer adds the ‘Search’ menu. There’s no need to list the actual items here, as you can more easily see them for yourself, and the functions are already described elsewhere in this manual.

For a description of the menu bar, please see the section The Menu Bar in The GNU Emacs Manual.

The Emacs manual describes how to get help for a particular menu item. You can also look up a menu item in the index of this manual in two ways: all of the menu items are listed alphabetically, and you can also browse all of the items under the index entry ‘menu item’.