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3.2 Receiving Mail

To read the mail you've just sent yourself, enter M-x mh-rmail. This incorporates the new mail and puts the output from inc1 (called scan lines after the MH program scan2 which prints a one-line summary of each message) into a buffer called ‘+inbox’ whose major mode is MH-Folder.


The M-x mh-rmail command will show you only new mail, not mail you have already read. If you were to run this tour again, you would use F r to pull all your messages into MH-E.

You should see the scan line for your message, and perhaps others. Use n or p to move the cursor to your test message and type <RET> to read your message. You should see something like:

       3 t08/24 root       received fax files on Wed Aug 24 11:00:13 PDT 1
     # 4+t08/24 To:wohler  Test<<This is a test message to get the wheels
     -:%%  {+inbox/select} 4 msgs (1-4)   Bot L4     (MH-Folder Show)---------
     To: wohler
     Subject: Test
     X-Mailer: MH-E 8.1; nmh 1.1; GNU Emacs 23.1
     Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:49:11 -0800
     From: Bill Wohler <>
     This is a test message to get the wheels churning...
     --:--  {show-+inbox} 4   All L1     (MH-Show)----------------------------
After incorporating new messages

If you typed a long message, you can view subsequent pages with <SPC> and previous pages with <DEL>.


[1] See the section Reading Mail: inc show next prev in the MH book.

[2] See the section Find and Specify with scan pick Ranges Sequences in the MH book.