8.4 Redistributing Your Mail

The command M-d (mh-redistribute) is similar in function to forwarding mail, but it does not allow you to edit the message, nor does it add your name to the ‘From:’ header field. It appears to the recipient as if the message had come from the original sender. When you run this command, you are prompted for the recipients.

For more information on redistributing messages, see dist(1). Also investigate the command e (mh-edit-again) for another way to redistribute messages (see Editing Old Drafts and Bounced Messages).

The option mh-redist-full-contents-flag must be turned on if dist33 requires the whole letter for redistribution, which is the case if send34 is compiled with the BERK option (which many people abhor). If you find that MH will not allow you to redistribute a message that has been redistributed before, turn off this option.

The hook mh-annotate-msg-hook is run after annotating the message and scan line (see Sending Mail).



See the section Distributing Messages with dist in the MH book.


See the section Sending Some Mail: comp send in the MH book.