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The ODT exporter can work with popular converters with little or no extra configuration from your side. See Extending ODT export. If you are using a converter that is not supported by default or if you would like to tweak the default converter settings, proceed as below.

  1. Register the converter

    Name your converter and add it to the list of known converters by customizing the option org-odt-convert-processes. Also specify how the converter can be invoked via command-line to effect the conversion.

  2. Configure its capabilities

    Specify the set of formats the converter can handle by customizing the variable org-odt-convert-capabilities. Use the default value for this variable as a guide for configuring your converter. As suggested by the default setting, you can specify the full set of formats supported by the converter and not limit yourself to specifying formats that are related to just the OpenDocument Text format.

  3. Choose the converter

    Select the newly added converter as the preferred one by customizing the option org-odt-convert-process.