The Org Id library must first be loaded, either through org-customize, by enabling id in org-modules, or by adding ‘(require 'org-id)’ in your Emacs init file.


Note that you do not have to use this command to insert a link. Links in Org are plain text, and you can type or paste them straight into the buffer. By using this command, the links are automatically enclosed in double brackets, and you will be asked for the optional descriptive text.


After insertion of a stored link, the link will be removed from the list of stored links. To keep it in the list for later use, use a triple C-u prefix argument to C-c C-l, or configure the option org-link-keep-stored-after-insertion.


This works if a function has been defined in the :complete property of a link in org-link-parameters.


See the variable org-link-use-indirect-buffer-for-internals.