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12.9.9 Math formatting in HTML export

LaTeX math snippets (see LaTeX fragments) can be displayed in two different ways on HTML pages. The default is to use MathJax which should work out of the box with Org1. Some MathJax display options can be configured via org-html-mathjax-options, or in the buffer. For example, with the following settings,

     #+HTML_MATHJAX: align: left indent: 5em tagside: left font: Neo-Euler

equation labels will be displayed on the left margin and equations will be five ems from the left margin.

See the docstring of org-html-mathjax-options for all supported variables. The MathJax template can be configure via org-html-mathjax-template.

If you prefer, you can also request that LaTeX fragments are processed into small images that will be inserted into the browser page. Before the availability of MathJax, this was the default method for Org files. This method requires that the dvipng program, dvisvgm or imagemagick suite is available on your system. You can still get this processing with

     #+OPTIONS: tex:dvipng
     #+OPTIONS: tex:dvisvgm


     #+OPTIONS: tex:imagemagick


[1] By default Org loads MathJax from as recommended by MathJax.