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A.6.4 Radio lists

Call the org-list-insert-radio-list function to insert a radio list template in HTML, LaTeX, and Texinfo mode documents. Sending and receiving radio lists works is the same as for radio tables (see Radio tables) except for these differences:

Built-in translators functions are: org-list-to-latex, org-list-to-html and org-list-to-texinfo. They use the org-list-to-generic translator function. See its documentation for parameters for accurate customizations of lists. Here is a LaTeX example:

     % END RECEIVE ORGLST to-buy
     #+ORGLST: SEND to-buy org-list-to-latex
     - a new house
     - a new computer
       + a new keyboard
       + a new mouse
     - a new life

C-c C-c on ‘a new house’ inserts the translated LaTeX list in-between the BEGIN and END marker lines.