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12.8.3 Sectioning, Frames and Blocks in Beamer

Org transforms heading levels into Beamer's sectioning elements, frames and blocks. Any Org tree with a not-too-deep-level nesting should in principle be exportable as a Beamer presentation.

When BEAMER_ACT is set for a headline, Org export translates that headline as an overlay or action specification. When enclosed in square brackets, Org export makes the overlay specification a default. Use BEAMER_OPT to set any options applicable to the current Beamer frame or block. The Beamer export back-end wraps with appropriate angular or square brackets. It also adds the fragile option for any code that may require a verbatim block.

To create a column on the Beamer slide, use the BEAMER_COL property for its headline in the Org file. Set the value of BEAMER_COL to a decimal number representing the fraction of the total text width. Beamer export uses this value to set the column's width and fills the column with the contents of the Org entry. If the Org entry has no specific environment defined, Beamer export ignores the heading. If the Org entry has a defined environment, Beamer export uses the heading as title. Behind the scenes, Beamer export automatically handles LaTeX column separations for contiguous headlines. To manually adjust them for any unique configurations needs, use the BEAMER_ENV property.


[1] If BEAMER_ENV is set, Org export adds :B_environment: tag to make it visible. The tag serves as a visual aid and has no semantic relevance.