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Table of contents

The table of contents is normally inserted directly before the first headline of the file. The depth of the table is by default the same as the number of headline levels, but you can choose a smaller number, or turn off the table of contents entirely, by configuring the variable org-export-with-toc, or on a per-file basis with a line like

     #+OPTIONS: toc:2          (only to two levels in TOC)
     #+OPTIONS: toc:nil        (no default TOC at all)

If you would like to move the table of contents to a different location, you should turn off the default table using org-export-with-toc or #+OPTIONS and insert #+TOC: headlines N at the desired location(s).

     #+OPTIONS: toc:nil        (no default TOC)
     #+TOC: headlines 2        (insert TOC here, with two headline levels)

Multiple #+TOC: headline lines are allowed. The same TOC keyword can also generate a list of all tables (resp. all listings) with a caption in the buffer.

     #+TOC: listings           (build a list of listings)
     #+TOC: tables             (build a list of tables)

The headline's title usually determines its corresponding entry in a table of contents. However, it is possible to specify an alternative title by setting ALT_TITLE property accordingly. It will then be used when building the table.