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13.4 Triggering publication

Once properly configured, Org can publish with the following commands:

C-c C-e P x     (org-publish)
Prompt for a specific project and publish all files that belong to it.
C-c C-e P p     (org-publish-current-project)
Publish the project containing the current file.
C-c C-e P f     (org-publish-current-file)
Publish only the current file.
C-c C-e P a     (org-publish-all)
Publish every project.

Org uses timestamps to track when a file has changed. The above functions normally only publish changed files. You can override this and force publishing of all files by giving a prefix argument to any of the commands above, or by customizing the variable org-publish-use-timestamps-flag. This may be necessary in particular if files include other files via #+SETUPFILE: or #+INCLUDE:.