16 Imprint

RefTeX was written by Carsten Dominik, with contributions by Stephen Eglen. RefTeX is currently maintained by the AUCTeX project, see the RefTeX web page for detailed information.

If you have questions about RefTeX, you can send email to the AUCTeX user mailing list (). If you want to contribute code or ideas, write to the AUCTeX developer mailing list (). And in the rare case of finding a bug, please use M-x reftex-report-bug RET which will prepare a bug report with useful information about your setup. Remember to add essential information like a recipe for reproducing the bug, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened. Send the bug report to the AUCTeX bug mailing list ().

There are also several Usenet groups which have competent readers who might be able to help: comp.emacs, gnu.emacs.help, and comp.text.tex.

Thanks to the people on the Net who have used RefTeX and helped developing it with their reports. In particular thanks to Ralf Angeli, Fran Burstall, Alastair Burt, Lars Clausen, Soren Dayton, Stephen Eglen, Karl Eichwalder, Erik Frisk, Peter Galbraith, Kai Grossjohann, Frank Harrell, Till A. Heilmann, Peter Heslin, Stephan Heuel, Alan Ho, Lute Kamstra, Dieter Kraft, David Kastrup, Adrian Lanz, Juri Linkov, Wolfgang Mayer, Rory Molinari, Stefan Monnier, Laurent Mugnier, Dan Nicolaescu, Sudeep Kumar Palat, Daniel Polani, Alan Shutko, Robin Socha, Richard Stanton, Allan Strand, Jan Vroonhof, Christoph Wedler, Alan Williams, Roland Winkler, Hans-Christoph Wirth, Eli Zaretskii.

The view-crossref feature was inspired by Peter Galbraith’s bib-cite.el.

Finally thanks to Uwe Bolick who first got me interested in supporting LaTeX labels and references with an editor (which was MicroEmacs at the time).