3.4.7 Putting it all together

When you have to put several entries into reftex-label-alist, just put them after each other in a list, or create that many templates in the customization buffer. Here is a lisp example which uses several of the entries described above:

(setq reftex-label-alist
  '(("axiom"   ?a "ax:"  "~\\ref{%s}" nil ("axiom"   "ax.") -2)
    ("theorem" ?h "thr:" "~\\ref{%s}" t   ("theorem" "theor." "th.") -3)
    ("\\quickeq{}" ?e nil nil 1 nil)
    ("\\myfig[]{}{}{*}{}" ?f nil nil 3)
    (detect-linguex ?x "ex:" "~\\ref{%s}" nil ("Example" "Ex."))))