3.2 Clients

A client (sasl-client object) initialized with four parameters—a mechanism, a user name, name of the service and name of the server.

Function: sasl-make-client mechanism name service server

Prepare a sasl-client object.

Function: sasl-client-mechanism client

Return the mechanism (sasl-mechanism object) of client.

Function: sasl-client-name client

Return the authorization name of client, a string.

Function: sasl-client-service client

Return the service name of client, a string.

Function: sasl-client-server client

Return the server name of client, a string.

If you want to specify additional configuration properties, please use sasl-client-set-property.

Function: sasl-client-set-property client property value

Add the given property/value to client.

Function: sasl-client-property client property

Return the value of the property of client.

Function: sasl-client-set-properties client plist

Destructively set the properties of client. The second argument is the new property list.

Function: sasl-client-properties client

Return the whole property list of client configuration.