2.3.4 Idle Summary Mode

Semantic Idle Summary mode is a minor mode that displays a short summary of the symbol at point, such as its function prototype, in the echo area. Its functionality is similar to what ElDoc mode provides for Emacs Lisp (see Programming Language Doc in Emacs manual).

global-semantic-idle-summary-mode: &optional arg

This command toggles Semantic Idle Summary mode in all Semantic-enabled buffers. You can also toggle it via the ‘Show Tag Summaries’ menu item in the ‘Development’ menu.

When Semantic Idle Summary mode is active, a summary of the tag at point is displayed in the echo area. This display takes place during the idle time, as given by semantic-idle-scheduler-idle-time (see Idle Scheduler).

You can override the method for getting the current tag to display by setting idle-summary-current-symbol-info.

Option: semantic-idle-summary-function

The value of this variable should be a function to call to display tag information during idle time. See the variable semantic-format-tag-functions for a list of useful functions.

Variable: semantic-idle-summary-out-of-context-faces

The value of this variable is a list of font-lock faces indicating useless summary contexts. These are generally faces used to highlight comments or strings. Semantic Idle Summary mode does not display its usual summary if the text at point has one of these faces.