2.7 MRU Bookmarks mode

Semantic MRU Bookmarks mode is a minor mode that keeps track of the tags you have edited, allowing you to quickly return to them later (MRU stands for “Most Recently Used”).

Command: global-semantic-mru-bookmark-mode &optional arg

Toggle Semantic MRU Bookmarks mode globally. The minor mode can be turned on only if the current buffer was set up for parsing. With argument arg, turn the minor mode if arg is positive, and off otherwise.

Semantic MRU Bookmarks mode takes note of each tag you edit. Afterwards, you can type C-x B (semantic-mrub-switch-tags) to return to a tag. This command prompts for a tag name, completing with the names of edited tags; at the prompt, you can use M-p and M-n to cycle through tags in order of last modification time.