2.4.3 Smart Jump

The Semantic Analyzer can be used to jump directly to the definition for a code symbol.

Command: semantic-ia-fast-jump pos

Jump to the definition for the symbol at pos. Called interactively, pos defaults to point.

Function: semantic-ia-fast-mouse-jump event

Jump to the definition for the symbol at the position of the mouse event event. This command is meant to be bound to a mouse command, like this:

(global-set-key '[(S-mouse-1)] semantic-ia-fast-mouse-jump)

These commands are often more accurate than the xref-find-definitions command (see Looking Up Identifiers in Emacs manual), because the Semantic Analyzer is context-sensitive.

You can also use C-c , j (semantic-complete-jump-local) and C-c , J (semantic-complete-jump) to navigate tags. See Semantic mode user commands. Those commands do not make use of the Semantic Analyzer.