Sieve Support for Emacs

This is intended as a users manual for Sieve Mode and Manage Sieve, and as a reference manual for the ‘sieve-manage’ protocol Emacs Lisp API.

Sieve is a language for server-side filtering of mail. The language is documented in RFC 3028. This manual does not attempt to document the language, so keep RFC 3028 around.

This file documents the Emacs Sieve package, for server-side mail filtering.

Installation Getting ready to use the package.
Sieve Mode Editing Sieve scripts.
Managing Sieve Managing Sieve scripts on a remote server.
Examples A few Sieve code snippets.
Manage Sieve API Interfacing to the Manage Sieve Protocol API.
Standards A summary of RFCs and working documents used.
GNU Free Documentation License The license for this documentation.
Index Function and variable index.

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