3.2 Hidden Files

On GNU and Unix systems, a hidden file is a file whose name starts with a period. They are hidden from a regular directory listing because the user is not generally interested in them.

In speedbar, a hidden file is a file which isn’t very interesting and might prove distracting to the user. Any uninteresting files are removed from the File display. There are two levels of uninterest in speedbar. The first level of uninterest are files which have no expansion method, or way of extracting tags. The second level is any file that matches the same pattern used for completion in find-file. This is derived from the variable completion-ignored-extensions.

You can toggle the display of uninteresting files from the toggle menu item ‘Show All Files’. This will display all level one hidden files. These files will be shown with a ‘?’ indicator. Level 2 hidden files will still not be shown.

Object files fall into the category of level 2 hidden files. You can determine their presence by the ‘#’ and ‘!’ file indicators. See Directory Display.