10 Application Writing

The main goal of SRecode is to provide a strong platform for writing code generating applications.

Any templates that are application specific should make an application declaration for each template file they use. This prevents those templates from being used outside of that application.

For example, add this to a file:

set application "getset"

In your application Emacs Lisp code, you would then load those templates. A typical initialization would look like this:

  (srecode-load-tables-for-mode major-mode)
  (srecode-load-tables-for-mode major-mode 'getset)

These two lines will load in the base templates for the major mode, and then the application specific templates.

Function: srecode-load-tables-for-mode mmode &optional appname

Load all the template files for mmode. Templates are found in the SRecode Template Map. See srecode-get-maps for more. appname is the name of an application. In this case, all template files for that application will be loaded.

todo: Add examples. Most core stuff is already described above.