1 Quick Start

When you install CEDET and enable SRecode, an SRecoder menu item should appear.

To toggle SRecode minor mode on and off use:

M-x srecode-minor-mode RET


M-x global-srecode-minor-mode RET

or add

(srecode-minor-mode 1)

into a language hook function to force it on (which is the default) or pass in -1 to force it off.

See SRecode Minor Mode for more on using the minor mode.

Use the menu to insert templates into the current file.

You can add your own templates in ~/.srecode, or update the template map path:

Option: srecode-map-load-path

Global load path for SRecode template files.

Once installed, you can start inserting templates using the menu, or the command:

Command: srecode-insert template-name &rest dict-entries

Insert the template template-name into the current buffer at point. dict-entries are additional dictionary values to add.

SRecode Insert will prompt for a template name. Template names are specific to each major mode. A typical name is of the form: CONTEXT:NAME where a CONTEXT might be something like file or declaration. The same NAME can occur in multiple contexts.