5.7 Cleanup remote connections

TRAMP provides several ways to flush remote connections.

Command: tramp-cleanup-connection vec &optional keep-debug keep-password

This command flushes all connection related objects. vec is the internal representation of a remote connection. When called interactively, this command lists active remote connections in the minibuffer. Each connection is of the format /method:user@host:.

Flushing remote connections also cleans the password cache (see Reusing passwords for several connections), file cache, connection cache (see Reusing connection related information), and recentf cache. It also deletes session timers (see Setting own connection related information) and connection buffers.

If keep-debug is non-nil, the debug buffer is kept. A non-nil keep-password preserves the password cache.

Command: tramp-cleanup-this-connection

Flushes the current buffer’s remote connection objects, the same as in tramp-cleanup-connection.

Command: tramp-cleanup-all-connections

Flushes all active remote connection objects, the same as in tramp-cleanup-connection. This command removes also ad-hoc proxy definitions (see Declaring multiple hops in the file name).

Command: tramp-cleanup-all-buffers

Just as for tramp-cleanup-all-connections, all remote connections and ad-hoc proxy definition are cleaned up in addition to killing all buffers related to remote connections.