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5.4 History

The library can maintain a global history list tracking URLs accessed. URL completion can be done from it. The history mechanism is set up automatically via url-do-setup when it is configured to be on. Note that the size of the history list is currently not limited.

The history “list” is actually a hash table, url-history-hash-table. It contains access times keyed by URL strings. The times are in the format returned by current-time.

Function: url-history-update-url url time

This function updates the history table with an entry for url accessed at the given time.

User Option: url-history-track

If non-nil, the library will keep track of all the URLs accessed. If it is t, the list is saved to disk at the end of each Emacs session. The default is nil.

User Option: url-history-file

The file storing the history list between sessions. It defaults to history in url-configuration-directory.

User Option: url-history-save-interval

The number of seconds between automatic saves of the history list. Default is one hour. Note that if you change this variable directly, rather than using Custom, after url-do-setup has been run, you need to run the function url-history-setup-save-timer.

Function: url-history-parse-history &optional fname

Parses the history file fname (default url-history-file) and sets up the history list.

Function: url-history-save-history &optional fname

Saves the current history to file fname (default url-history-file).

Function: url-completion-function string predicate function

You can use this function to do completion of URLs from the history.

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