2 URI Parsing

A URI consists of several components, each having a different meaning. For example, the URI


specifies the scheme component ‘https’, the hostname component ‘www.gnu.org’, and the path component ‘/software/emacs/’.

The format of URIs is specified by RFC 3986. The url library provides the Lisp function url-generic-parse-url, a (mostly) standard-compliant URI parser, as well as function url-recreate-url, which converts a parsed URI back into a URI string.

Function: url-generic-parse-url uri-string

This function returns a parsed version of the string uri-string.

Function: url-recreate-url uri-obj

Given a parsed URI, this function returns the corresponding URI string.

The return value of url-generic-parse-url, and the argument expected by url-recreate-url, is a parsed URI: a CL structure whose slots hold the various components of the URI. See the CL Manual in GNU Emacs Common Lisp Emulation, for details about CL structures. Most of the other functions in the url library act on parsed URIs.