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10 Mailing Lists and Submitting Bug Reports

To report bugs, use the C-c C-b (vhdl-submit-bug-report) command. This provides vital information I need to reproduce your problem. Make sure you include a concise, but complete code example. Please try to boil your example down to just the essential code needed to reproduce the problem, and include an exact recipe of steps needed to expose the bug. Be especially sure to include any code that appears before your bug example.

For other help or suggestions, send a message to

Send an add message to to get on the vhdl-mode-victims beta testers list where beta releases of VHDL Mode are posted. Note that you shouldn’t expect beta releases to be as stable as public releases.

There is also an announce only list where the latest public releases of VHDL Mode are posted. Send an add message to to be added to this list.