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Variable Index

Since all VHDL Mode variables are prepended with the string ‘vhdl-’, each appears under its vhdl-<thing> name and its <thing> (vhdl-) name.

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basic-offset (vhdl-): Advanced Customizations

echo-syntactic-information-p (vhdl-): Indentation Calculation

file-offsets (vhdl-): File Styles
file-style (vhdl-): File Styles

offsets-alist (vhdl-): Syntactic Analysis
offsets-alist (vhdl-): Indentation Calculation
offsets-alist (vhdl-): File Styles
offsets-alist (vhdl-): Custom Indentation Functions

special-indent-hook (vhdl-): Other Special Indentations
style-alist (vhdl-): Adding Styles
style-alist (vhdl-): Advanced Customizations

vhdl-basic-offset: Advanced Customizations
vhdl-echo-syntactic-information-p: Indentation Calculation
vhdl-file-offsets: File Styles
vhdl-file-style: File Styles
vhdl-mode-hook: Permanent Customization
vhdl-offsets-alist: Syntactic Analysis
vhdl-offsets-alist: Indentation Calculation
vhdl-offsets-alist: File Styles
vhdl-offsets-alist: Custom Indentation Functions
vhdl-offsets-alist: Syntactic Symbols
vhdl-special-indent-hook: Other Special Indentations
vhdl-style-alist: Adding Styles
vhdl-style-alist: Advanced Customizations

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