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5.5 The editable-field Widget


type ::= (editable-field [keyword argument]... [ value ])

The value, if present, is used to initialize the :value property. The value should be a string, which will be inserted in the field. This widget will match all string values.

The following extra properties are recognized:


The width of the editable field.
By default the field will reach to the end of the line.


Face used for highlighting the editable field. Default is widget-field-face, see User Interface.


Character used to display the value. You can set this to, e.g., ?* if the field contains a password or other secret information. By default, this is nil, and the value is not secret.


By default the :validate function will match the content of the field with the value of this attribute. The default value is "" which matches everything.


Keymap used in the editable field. The default value is widget-field-keymap, which allows you to use all the normal editing commands, even if the buffer’s major mode suppresses some of them. Pressing RET invokes the function specified by :action.