4.3 Following References

Man pages usually contain a “SEE ALSO” section containing references to other man pages. If these man pages are installed then WoMan can easily be directed to follow the reference, i.e., to find and format the man page. When the mouse is passed over a correctly formatted reference it is highlighted, in which case clicking the middle button mouse-2 will cause WoMan to follow the reference. Alternatively, when point is over such a reference the key RET will follow the reference.

Any word in the buffer can be used as a reference by clicking mouse-2 over it provided the Meta key is also used (although in general such a “reference” will not lead to a man page). Alternatively, the key r allows completion to be used to select a reference to follow, based on the word at point as default.


Run WoMan with word under mouse as topic (woman-mouse-2). The word must be mouse-highlighted unless woman-mouse-2 is used with the Meta key.


Get the man page for the topic under (or nearest to) point (man-follow).


Get one of the man pages referred to in the “SEE ALSO” section (Man-follow-manual-reference). Specify which reference to use; default is based on word at point.