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12.3 Error Messages From locate

warning: database /usr/local/var/locatedb is more than 8 days old

The locate program relies on a database which is periodically built by the updatedb program. That hasn’t happened in a long time. To fix this problem, run updatedb manually. This can often happen on systems that are generally not left on, so the periodic “cron” task which normally does this doesn’t get a chance to run.

locate database /usr/local/var/locatedb is corrupt or invalid

This should not happen. Re-run updatedb. If that works, but locate still produces this error, run locate --version and updatedb --version. These should produce the same output. If not, you are using a mixed toolset; check your PATH environment variable and your shell aliases (if you have any). If both programs claim to be GNU versions, this is a bug; all versions of these programs should interoperate without problem. Ask for help on