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8.4 Solid


Set a rigid body (a solid of any shape) composed by elements of solid. Not support forces, frictions or resultants. If the solid is placed above an inclined surface, the coordinates X and Y of the mass center, and the coordinates X and Y of all it’s elements, are measured from an X axis, parallel at surface and positive to upwards, and a Y axis perpendicular to surface and positive to upwards.

Equations:2 or 3. If all applied forces are vertical, are two equations (the sum of vertical forces and sum of moments). Isn’t allowed apply horizontal forces only, because FiscaLab assumes that the solid have a weight.
Name:Name of the solid.
m:Mass of the solid.
xc:X coordinate of the center of mass.
yc:Y coordinate of the center of mass.
ang:Angle of the surface where the solid is placed. Is measured from the positive X axis and the positive sense is the opposite of clockwise.