Find free sounds for FreeDink


In 2008, Seth (the man behind Dink Smallwood) agreed to license most of the Dink game data under the free zlib license. This means that we can package the game for GNU/Linux distros, making it more visible and easy to install.

Most of the Dink game data means everything except for sounds: most of the wav and midis in Dink were not made by RTsoft, and could not be released freely as well. So currently the game will be distributed with few sound files, but I'm much interested in finding replacements for them under free licenses (such as Creative Commons BY-SA, Art Libre, etc.)

See details for already replaced sounds in README-REPLACEMENTS.txt.

What sounds effects and music are available?

Some of the MIDIs are marked Copyright (C) 1997 by Seth A. Robinson:

Sound/1003.mid"untitled" intro screen; the matching CD track is called "Intro" by Joel Baker
Sound/dance.mid"untitled" game start, Dink's house
Sound/insper.mid"untitled" Dink's house is on fire
Sound/love.mid"untitled" Dink rescued Mary; Dink saved a wanderer from 2 guards
Sound/2.mid"untitled" area before Bishop Nelson and the Dead Dragon Carcass; the matching CD track is called "Mischief"
Sound/lively.mid"Lively" (actually unused)

Some of the sound effects were also made by Seth. credits.txt mentions:

Many were created by us as well, most using a Korg T3 & X3 keyboard. (level up wave, choir noise when you pickup a strength potion, etc)

This wasn't discussed when preparing the game data free release, so maybe some other sounds can be released, in particular the mentioned "level-up" and "potion" sounds.

Included in the free data zip:

Sound/secret.wavsecret discovered (e.g. after burning down a tree)

Sounds possibly made with a keyboard:

level.wavlevel-up, notes are C# major triad (DO#/FA/SOL#/DO# - C#/F/G#/C#) with a bit of reverb
high2.wavchoir noise when you pickup a strength potion; sound when you're given control when starting the game; notes are FA# (bass) + DO# (bass) + SIb (high), or F#+C#+Cb, or g+2+7 (ZynAddSubFX)

What sounds effects need free replacements?

Sounds effects:
arrow.wavan arrow hitting something wooden - replaced by edited bow-hit.ogg from wesnoth
attack1.wavdragon casting a fire spell
axe.wavthrowing axe weapon hitting something
bhit.wavbarrel destroyed
bird1.wavbird singing - replaced by birds2.ogg from wesnoth
bow1.wavlaunching an arrow - replaced by edited bow-miss.ogg from wesnoth
burn.wavtree burning down, bomb exploding, bomb damaging
caveent.wavresonating roar of a monster in the first game cave (Martridge's bonca)
drag1.wavdragon being hit
drag2.wavdragon roaring, usually played before the dragon appears on screen
escape.wavgame menu when pressing escape (22kHz), fireball hit (8kHz)
fire.wavfire burning in the background (chimney, torch): check, file fire_long.wav, edited; too, pending proper validation of their (weird license)
flyby.wavmagic sound, e.g. when trying to pass the gate protecting the Dead Dragon Carcass worship area
gold.wavsingle gold coin tossed with other gold coins - replaced by edited gold.ogg from wesnoth
grunt1.wavDink is hit
grunt2.wavDink is hit (alternate sound)
hurt1.wavbonca is hit (played quicker); sounds like an elephant when played at normal rate
hurt2.wavpillbug is hit
knock.wavknock 3 times quickly on a door
nono.wavclick on a non-active area of the screen (in intro screens), Ryan lock-picking
ocean1.wavwaves near the sea
open.wavdoor opening (first replacement available but without squeaking hinge)
picker.wavthrowing pig feed (but played slowlyer 1/3 rate)
pig1.wavpig groaning
pig2.wavpig groaning
pig3.wavpig groaning
pig4.wavpig groaning
punch.wavDink punches something solid, like a fence
quack.wavduck quacking
save.wavSave machine (to play in loop)
sel1.wavselect a choice in a menu dialog (22kHz), leave inventory (22kHz), fireball magic (8kHz)
sel2.wavmouse entering title screen item
sel3.wavmouse leaving title screen item; very similar to escape.wav, although not binary identical (same beginning, slightly longer)
select.wavmove to another choice in a menu dialog
snarl2.wavgoblin or slayer is hit
snarl3.wavgoblin or slayer is hit
spell1.wavMartridge disappearing in a magic explosion
splash.wavfish jumping out of the water (comment: 'Cool Edit v.1.05 by David Johnston')
squish.wavslime touching Dink
stairs.wavwalking stairs
steps.wav2 sounds of steps on long grass; it's played 3 times in parallel when 2 Cast members are coming nearby just before Dink can overhears them plotting
swing.wavDink punches (possibly not hiting anything)
sword1.wavmetal on metal, e.g. armored guards hitting or getting hit
sword2.wavsword hitting something else, but also used at high rate (22050Hz) to produce the 'Dink picks a small heart' sound - replaced by edited spear.ogg from wesnoth
wscream.wavsmall girl screaming (e.g. Chealse hit by Dink) - replacement by Fernando Carmona Varo

Unused in the main game, but maybe used in D-Mods:

bird2.wavbird singing (alternative sound)
intro.wavused to be the soundtrack of the game intro video (CD version); replaced by empty sound since 1.08. Used for "Back from the grave" title screen (replaced with 1-frame sample generated with Audacity)
snarl1.wavbeast producing intimidating hiss
splash.aifnot a sound, but a saved HTML page ;) It has nothing to do with (and in) the game really.

Editor sounds: Dinkedit embeds 2 sounds, stop.wav (a 'tick' sound when moving the cursor or a sprite) and jump.wav (a 'boing' sound to indicate that a file was saved, used in spritemovie2000 mode). Their origin are unclear so they were removed. In addition, they were missing since v1.07 (built without resources) but it would be nice to reintroduce them.

And musics?

Summary of internal MIDI comments (obtained using TiMidity++):

(see also

Classical pieces with free replacement

1.mid (Terris)
Sequence: AVE MARIA    
Copyright: (C)1994 Roland Corporation
(Bach/Gounod version)
Possible replacement: (Bach's version, Art Libre) (faster pace, Art Libre)
** (record, cc-by-sa)
104.mid (Stonebrook, Dink's village)
Text: Serenade
Text: Composer:  Franz Schubert
Text: Sequence:  Faren Raborn (June, 1995)
Text: Email:
# domain name stolen ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Apparently more precisely: Serenade D957
Found a copy at:
Replacement: (score, public domain)
Remade with Rosegarden by Beuc: serenade-d957.mid serenade-d957.rg (GPLv3+ | Art Libre | CC-BY-SA)
Other leads: (non-commercial, maybe ask?) (record, by-nc-sa, maybe ask?) (record, Ogg Vorbis, unknown license, a liberal play with a little mistake in the middle) (empty file?) (russian record with child voice, no copyright information) (record, no copyright information) (unknown license, need to ask)
105.mid (outside Stonebrook + Kernsin)
Track name: Rêverie by
Track name: Claude Debussy
Track name: Sequence by
Track name: Faren Raborn
Track name: June, 1995
Source (same author, not exactly the same instruments though):
No mail information in
No author entry for the other "Rêverie" MIDI's author (Gary D. Lloyd)
Remade with Rosegarden by Beuc: reverie.mid reverie.rg (GPLv3+ | Art Libre | CC-BY-SA)
Possible replacements:êverie_(Debussy%2C_Claude) (score, public domain)
Other leads: (several MP3s, none has license info)
106.mid (Windemere)
Track name: Mendelssohn 
Track name: Concerto for Violin
Track name: Opus64- a - Allegro mol. apass.
Track name: Midi by:
Track name: B.Fisher
Source (not exactly the same instruments though):
"Violin Concerto in E-, Op.64 - 1.Allegro molto appassionato"
No mail from
Possible replacements: (CC-BY-SA - heavy 19MB / 13:27, maybe truncate)
denube.mid (attack by Bishop Nelson the slayer shape-shifter)
The Blue Danube / On the Beautiful Blue Danube
An der schönen blauen Donau op. 314, Johann Strauss
Possible replacement: (cc-by-sa, Copyright (C) 2004  Nikos Kouremenos, Mutopia-2005/01/17-519)
** (but very short :/) (score, public domain)
** (record, Ogg Vorbis, public domain)
   STRAUSS_Blue_Danube_Waltz_1934.ogg (but too serious, the original midi was supposed to add a funny effect to a gory fighting)önem_blauen_Donau.ogg (old recording, some noise, public domain)

Modern, author ~identified, need to be contacted or replaced

lovin.mid (Kernsin parade)
Sequence: Lovin' / GACHOPIN
Copyright: Copyright(c)1997,GACHOPIN All Rights Reserved.
New home: ICQ:21807998
5.mid (bar/tavern in Terris)
Format: 0  Tracks: 1  Divisions: 480
Text: Oda Sanae
Titled Calbee's Dream at:
and sounds a bit improved.

Tristan says: Sanae Oda's webpage used to be at (which is now 404)
Her old e-mail was but is now offline.

Replacement composed by Ofir Mo for FreeDink!
7.mid (Darklands)
Title is Suite: Incomplete (translation of 組 曲:永遠 ?)
by Wakaba Mizuhara ( (bit-for-bit identical)
11.mid (end of game in GoodHearth Castle)
by AKI (?), from his band called The Honest Love
Also says: produced by MASA - (lyrics) (not bit-for-bit identical, but same duration time and sound) (alternate version) (lyrics)
Sequence: In my dream
Sequence: In my dream
Copyright: The Honest LoveThe Honest LoveThe Honest LoveThe Honest Love
12.mid (inside GoodHearth castle)
Sequence: winter...from?
Slightly edited version of winter...from?
by Mas. (
Excerpt from the official page:
winter...from? 1999.1.16 Roland SC88ST Proにて作成 タイトル通りなのですが、冬をイメージして作成しました。壮大な感じの曲を作りたかったのですが、 これまたうまくいかなかったようです。壮大な感じを出せるのでは?とストリングスをいくつも使用しています。 終盤同じメロディをゴリ押しして、飽きてしまうかもしれません。なんとなくトラックのムダ使いのような気がしないでもないですが…。  SC88ST Pro以外での音源では確認していません。 winterfm.mid(28KB) MIDIファイル
13.mid (Church in the Edge of the World, also used in Lyna's Story)
Sequence: untitled
Text: Sanae Oda
Used at
where it's refered to as "Dreaming Dwarf" (the file is the same, but
not byte-for-byte identical)
Copyright (C) 1998 Sanae Oda

Replaced by Johann Pachelbel's Canon, also known as Canon in D major,
or Canon and Gigue for 3 violins and basso continuo
MIDI file by Ofir Mo
18.mid (End Boss)
Sequence: tukiyo.mid
Copyright: Composed by Y-Asano

Not identified

4.mid (generic attack sequence)
Sequence: battle
9.mid (battle against Mog and island's dragons)
Sequence: Mixed
Sequence: Cave Exploring
16.mid (secret Giant Duck's island)
Sequence: Favorite
100.mid (area south of Terris)
Sequence: Wanderjam
101.mid (?)
Sequence: Wander 3
Track name: Memorymoog 4
102.mid (Aunt house at Terris, upstrairs)
Sequence: Tavern2
Track name: Big PWM
103.mid (Mr SmileStein's)
Sequence: Neighbor
Bullythe.mid (Milder's nagging)
Playing Bullythe.mid
MIDI file: Bullythe.mid
Sequence: Bully Theme
Track name: Dreamers
Possible replacement: HellFortressTwo.ogg from FreeDroidRPG
Wanderer.mid (meeting Martridge)
Sequence: wanderer


neighbor.mid (unused)
Sequence: Neighbor



credits.txt mentions Nobuo Kuge with a (now) broken URL:
Tristan says the new page might be here: (though there don't seem to be music at that place)

How to help

Send sound replacements indicating the source, the license, and what it replaces at or

How to test

You can confirm all the different uses of a sound by looking for its sound slot in START.c, then looking for playsound(SLOT in the Story/ files (replace SLOT by the slot number you found).

When checking the playsound occurrences, pay attention to the second number which is the play sample rate. Some sounds can be played at different speeds (higher means higher pitch) to get different results; for instance the same sound is used for the base sword attack and picking up a heart bonus.

Your sound need to use the same sample rate as in the original Dink data (such as 8000Hz or 22050Hz). You can resample it in e.g. Audacity by changing the project's rate in the bottom-left corner of the Audacity window.

Also pay attention to whether the file was in mono or stereo. In Audacity you can switch from mono to stereo using Track > Mix > Mix Stereo down to Mono.

The sox utility can be used from the command-line, though it'll strip the meta-data:
sox original.wav -r rate -b bits -c nb_channels final.wav
sox 442676__qubodup__tree-falls-and-burns-down.wav -r 8000 -b 16 -c 1 burn.wav (8kHz/16-bit/mono)

The sounds can be tested by adding them in the dink/Sound/ directory and running FreeDink. The soundtest/ D-Mod, included in freedink-data's source archive, can be used to quickly trigger various sounds (or you could use your own Dink savegame :)).

Iwan made a video about this.



/usr/share/games/attal/themes/medieval/sounds/arrow.wav: doesn't fit: Dink only has start (launch) and end (hit + vibrate) sounds,
  while this one combines running + small hit sound

/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/woodbrk.ogg: OpenQuartz - Frank Condello (


/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/LrgExpl.ogg: Warzone - Eidos Entertainment (GPL release)

asc paquage: the sy-* sounds


/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/MedCan.ogg: Warzone - Eidos Entertainment (GPL release)



/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/Splash.ogg: Warzone - Eidos Entertainment (GPL release) - though a bit heavyweigh for a fish


/usr/share/games/wesnoth/data/core/sounds/spear.ogg is interesting but may not fit the 'pick' sound when played at 22050Hz

boss, background music (ogg):
attal-themes-medieval: /usr/share/games/attal/themes/medieval/musics/
ambiance, walk sequences (mp3):

asc: war, but rather modern (fire weapons)

/usr/share/games/freedroidrpg/sound/music/town.ogg - ambiance, guitar
Author: Arvid Picciani
Title: Town

Sons intéressants:
bzflag (/usr/share/bzflag)

Other sounds:

harp, going up:

clear/space, going up:
/usr/share/games/attal/themes/medieval/sounds/good.wav (identical)

broken glass:
/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/metbrk.ogg: OpenQuartz - Frank Condello (