Registering An Exit Callback Function

An exit callback function is a function that gawk calls before it exits. Such functions are useful if you have general “cleanup” tasks that should be performed in your extension (such as closing database connections or other resource deallocations). You can register such a function with gawk using the following function:

void awk_atexit(void (*funcp)(void *data, int exit_status),
                void *arg0);

The parameters are:


A pointer to the function to be called before gawk exits. The data parameter will be the original value of arg0. The exit_status parameter is the exit status value that gawk intends to pass to the exit() system call.


A pointer to private data that gawk saves in order to pass to the function pointed to by funcp.

Exit callback functions are called in last-in, first-out (LIFO) order—that is, in the reverse order in which they are registered with gawk.