4.6.2 Skipping Intervening Fields

Starting in version 4.2, each field width may optionally be preceded by a colon-separated value specifying the number of characters to skip before the field starts. Thus, the preceding program could be rewritten to specify FIELDWIDTHS like so:

BEGIN  { FIELDWIDTHS = "8 1:5 4:7 6 1:6 1:6 2:33" }

This strips away some of the white space separating the fields. With such a change, the program produces the following results:

hzang    ttyV3 50
eklye    ttyV5 0
dportein ttyV6 107
gierd    ttyD3 1
dave     ttyD4 0
brent    ttyp0 286
dave     ttyq4 1296000