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B.4.3 Please Don’t Post Bug Reports to USENET

I gave up on Usenet a couple of years ago and haven’t really looked back. It’s like sports talk radio—you feel smarter for not having read it.

Chet Ramey

Please do not try to report bugs in gawk by posting to the Usenet/Internet newsgroup comp.lang.awk. Although some of the gawk developers occasionally read this news group, the primary gawk maintainer no longer does. Thus it’s virtually guaranteed that he will not see your posting.

If you really don’t care about the previous paragraph and continue to post bug reports in comp.lang.awk, then understand that you’re not reporting bugs, you’re just whining.

Similarly, posting bug reports or questions in web forums (such as Stack Overflow) may get you an answer, but it won’t be from the gawk maintainers, who do not spend their time in web forums. The steps described here are the only officially recognized way for reporting bugs. Really.