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B.3.2.1 Compiling gawk on VMS

To compile gawk under VMS, there is a DCL command procedure that issues all the necessary CC and LINK commands. There is also a Makefile for use with the MMS and MMK utilities. From the source directory, use either:

$ @[.vms]


$ MMS/DESCRIPTION=[.vms]descrip.mms gawk


$ MMK/DESCRIPTION=[.vms]descrip.mms gawk

MMK is an open source, free, near-clone of MMS and can better handle ODS-5 volumes with upper- and lowercase file names. MMK is available from

With ODS-5 volumes and extended parsing enabled, the case of the target parameter may need to be exact.

gawk has been tested under VAX/VMS 7.3 and Alpha/VMS 7.3-1 using Compaq C V6.4, and under Alpha/VMS 7.3, Alpha/VMS 7.3-2, and IA64/VMS 8.3. The most recent builds used HP C V7.3 on Alpha VMS 8.3 and both Alpha and IA64 VMS 8.4 used HP C 7.3.117

See section The VMS GNV Project for information on building gawk as a PCSI kit that is compatible with the GNV product.



The IA64 architecture is also known as “Itanium.”