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B.3.2.1 Compiling gawk on VMS

To compile gawk under VMS, there is a DCL command procedure that issues all the necessary CC and LINK commands. There is also a Makefile for use with the MMS and MMK utilities. From the source directory, use either:

$ @[.vms]


$ MMS/DESCRIPTION=[.vms]descrip.mms gawk


$ MMK/DESCRIPTION=[.vms]descrip.mms gawk

Note that the method of building is no longer being maintained and is planned to be removed in the future.

MMK is an open source, free, near-clone of MMS and can better handle ODS-5 volumes with upper- and lowercase file names. MMK is available from

With ODS-5 volumes and extended parsing enabled, the case of the target parameter may need to be exact.

gawk has been tested using these VMS Software, Inc. Community editions.

Due to HPE cancelling the Hobbyist licensing program, no more testing is being done on older releases of VAX/VMS and OpenVMS.

See The VMS GNV Project for information on building gawk as a PCSI kit that is compatible with the GNV product.



The IA64 architecture is also known as “Itanium.”