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6 Acknowledgments

Haris Volos, Zi Fan Tan, and Jianan Li developed a persistent gawk prototype based on a fork of the gawk source. Advice from gawk maintainer Arnold Robbins to me, which I forwarded to them, proved very helpful. Robbins moreover implemented, documented, and tested pm-gawk for the official version of gawk; along the way he suggested numerous improvements for the pma memory allocator beneath pm-gawk. Corinna Vinschen suggested other improvements to pma and tested pm-gawk on Cygwin. Nelson H. F. Beebe provided access to Solaris machines for testing. Robbins, Volos, Li, Tan, Jon Bentley, and Hans Boehm reviewed drafts of this user manual and provided useful feedback. Bentley suggested the min/max/mean example in Examples, and also the exercise of making Kernighan & Pike’s “Markov” script persistent. Volos provided and tested the advice on tuning OS parameters in Virtual Memory and Big Data. Stan Park provided insights about virtual memory, file systems, and utilities.