GCC 2.95 New Features

Additional Changes in GCC 2.95.1

Additional Changes in GCC 2.95.2

The -fstrict-aliasing is not enabled by default for GCC 2.95.2. While the optimizations performed by -fstrict-aliasing are valid according to the C and C++ standards, the optimization have caused some problems, particularly with old non-conforming code.

The GCC developers are experimenting with ways to warn users about code which violates the C/C++ standards, but those warnings are not ready for widespread use at this time. Rather than wait for those warnings the GCC developers have chosen to disable -fstrict-aliasing by default for the GCC 2.95.2 release.

We strongly encourage developers to find and fix code which violates the C/C++ standards as -fstrict-aliasing may be enabled by default in future releases. Use the option -fstrict-aliasing to re-enable these optimizations.

Additional Changes in GCC 2.95.3