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3.1 Basic use of libtextstyle

Source code that makes use of GNU libtextstyle needs an include statement:

#include <textstyle.h>

Basic use of GNU libtextstyle consists of statements like these:

  styled_ostream_t stream =
    styled_ostream_create (STDOUT_FILENO, "(stdout)", TTYCTL_AUTO,
  styled_ostream_begin_use_class (stream, css_class);
  ostream_write_str (stream, string);
  styled_ostream_end_use_class (stream, css_class);
  styled_ostream_free (stream);

Before this snippet, your code needs to determine the name of the style file to use (style_file_name). If no styling is desired – the precise condition depends on the value of color_mode but also on your application logic –, you should set style_file_name to NULL.

An object of type styled_ostream_t is allocated. The function styled_ostream_create allocates it; the function styled_ostream_free deallocates it.

Such styled_ostream_t supports output operations (ostream_write_str), interleaved with adding and removing CSS classes. The CSS class in effect when an output operation is performed determines, through the style file, the text attributes associated with that piece of text.