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fd_ostream_create: The fd_ostream class
file_ostream_create: The file_ostream class

handle_color_option: Command-line options
handle_style_option: Command-line options
html_ostream_begin_span: The html_ostream class
html_ostream_create: The html_ostream class
html_ostream_end_span: The html_ostream class
html_ostream_flush_to_current_style: The html_ostream class
html_ostream_get_hyperlink_ref: The html_ostream class
html_ostream_set_hyperlink_ref: The html_ostream class
html_styled_ostream_create: The html_styled_ostream class

iconv_ostream_create: The iconv_ostream class

memory_ostream_contents: The memory_ostream class
memory_ostream_create: The memory_ostream class

noop_styled_ostream_create: The noop_styled_ostream class

ostream_flush: The ostream class
ostream_free: The ostream class
ostream_printf: The ostream class
ostream_vprintf: The ostream class
ostream_write_mem: The ostream class
ostream_write_str: The ostream class

print_color_test: Command-line options

styled_ostream_begin_use_class: The styled_ostream class
styled_ostream_create: The term_styled_ostream class
styled_ostream_end_use_class: The styled_ostream class
styled_ostream_flush_to_current_style: The styled_ostream class
styled_ostream_get_hyperlink_id: The styled_ostream class
styled_ostream_get_hyperlink_ref: The styled_ostream class
styled_ostream_set_hyperlink: The styled_ostream class
style_file_prepare: Command-line options

term_ostream_create: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_flush_to_current_style: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_get_bgcolor: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_get_color: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_get_hyperlink_id: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_get_hyperlink_ref: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_get_posture: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_get_underline: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_get_weight: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_rgb_to_color: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_set_bgcolor: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_set_color: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_set_hyperlink: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_set_posture: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_set_underline: The term_ostream class
term_ostream_set_weight: The term_ostream class
term_styled_ostream_create: The term_styled_ostream class

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