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_, a macro to mark strings for translation: Mark Keywords
_nl_msg_cat_cntr: gettext grok

ABOUT-NLS file: Installing Localizations
ABOUT-NLS file: The original ABOUT-NLS
accumulating translations: Creating Compendia
aclocal.m4 file: aclocal
adding keywords, xgettext: xgettext Invocation
ambiguities: Preparing Strings
ANSI encoding: Working in a Windows console
apply a filter to translations: msgfilter Invocation
apply command to all translations in a catalog: msgexec Invocation
Arabic digits: c-format
attribute manipulation: msgattrib Invocation
attribute, fuzzy: Fuzzy Entries
attributes of a PO file entry: Fuzzy Entries
attributes, manipulating: Manipulating
autoconf macros for gettext: autoconf macros
autopoint program, usage: autopoint Invocation
auxiliary PO file: Auxiliary
available translations: Installing Localizations
awk: gawk
awk-format flag: PO Files

backup old file, and msgmerge program: msgmerge Invocation
bash: bash
bibliography: References
big picture: Overview
bind_textdomain_codeset: Charset conversion
Boost format strings: xgettext Invocation
boost-format flag: PO Files
bug report address: Introduction

C and C-like languages: C
C trigraphs: xgettext Invocation
C#: C#
C# mode, and msgfmt program: msgfmt Invocation
C# mode, and msgunfmt program: msgunfmt Invocation
C# resources mode, and msgfmt program: msgfmt Invocation
C# resources mode, and msgunfmt program: msgunfmt Invocation
C#, string concatenation: Preparing Strings
c++-format flag: PO Files
c-format flag: PO Files
c-format, and xgettext: c-format Flag
catalog encoding and msgexec output: msgexec Invocation
catclose, a catgets function: Interface to catgets
catgets, a catgets function: Interface to catgets
catgets, X/Open specification: catgets
catopen, a catgets function: Interface to catgets
character encoding: Aspects
charset conversion at runtime: Charset conversion
charset of PO files: Header Entry
check format strings: msgfmt Invocation
checking of translations: Manipulating
clisp: Common Lisp
clisp C sources: clisp C
codeset: Aspects
comments in PO files: PO Files
comments, automatic: PO Files
comments, extracted: PO Files
comments, translator: PO Files
Common Lisp: Common Lisp
compare PO files: msgcmp Invocation
comparison of interfaces: Comparison
compatibility with X/Open msgfmt: msgfmt Invocation
compendium: Compendium
compendium, creating: Creating Compendia
concatenate PO files: msgcat Invocation
concatenating PO files into a compendium: Creating Compendia
concatenation of strings: Preparing Strings file:
context: Contexts
context, argument specification in xgettext: xgettext Invocation
context, in MO files: MO Files
context, in PO files: PO Files
control characters: Preparing Strings
convert binary message catalog into PO file: msgunfmt Invocation
convert translations to a different encoding: msgconv Invocation
converting a package to use gettext: Prerequisites
country codes: Country Codes
create new PO file: msginit Invocation
creating a new PO file: Creating
creating compendia: Creating Compendia
csharp-format flag: PO Files
currency symbols: Aspects

date format: Aspects
dcngettext: Plural forms
dcpgettext: Contexts
dcpgettext_expr: Contexts
debugging messages marked as format strings: xgettext Invocation
Desktop Entry mode, and msgfmt program: msgfmt Invocation
dialect: Manipulating
disabling NLS: lib/gettext.h
distribution tarball: Release Management
dngettext: Plural forms
dollar substitution: envsubst Invocation
domain ambiguities: Ambiguities
dpgettext: Contexts
dpgettext_expr: Contexts
duplicate elimination: Manipulating
duplicate removal: msguniq Invocation

editing comments in PO files: Modifying Comments
Editing PO Files: Editing
editing translations: Modifying Translations
elisp-format flag: PO Files
Emacs Lisp: Emacs Lisp
Emacs PO Mode: PO Mode
encoding: Aspects
encoding conversion: Manipulating
encoding conversion at runtime: Charset conversion
encoding for your language: Header Entry
encoding in MO files: MO Files
encoding list: Header Entry
encoding of PO files: Header Entry
environment variables: envsubst Invocation
envsubst program, usage: envsubst Invocation
eval_gettext function, usage: eval_gettext Invocation
eval_ngettext function, usage: eval_ngettext Invocation
eval_npgettext function, usage: eval_npgettext Invocation
eval_pgettext function, usage: eval_pgettext Invocation
evolution of packages: Overview
extracting parts of a PO file into a compendium: Creating Compendia

FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU FDL
file format, .mo: MO Files
file format, .po: PO Files
files, .po and .mo: Files
files, .pot: Overview
filter messages according to attributes: msgattrib Invocation
find common messages: msgcomm Invocation
force use of fuzzy entries: msgfmt Invocation
format strings: c-format Flag
Free Pascal: Pascal
function attribute, __format_arg__: xgettext Invocation
function attribute, __format__: xgettext Invocation
fuzzy entries: Fuzzy Entries
fuzzy flag: PO Files

gawk: gawk
gcc-internal-format flag: PO Files
GCC-source: GCC-source
generate binary message catalog from PO file: msgfmt Invocation
generate translation catalog in English: msgen Invocation
gettext files: Adjusting Files
gettext installation: Installation
gettext interface: Interface to gettext
gettext program, usage: gettext Invocation
gettext vs catgets: Comparison
gettext, a programmer’s view: gettext
gettext.h file: lib/gettext.h
gettextize program, usage: gettextize Invocation
gfc-internal-format flag: PO Files
GNOME PO file editor: Gtranslator
GPL, GNU General Public License: GNU GPL
GUI programs: Contexts
guile: Scheme

hash table, inside MO files: MO Files
he, she, and they: Introduction
header entry of a PO file: Header Entry
help option: Preparing Strings
history of GNU gettext: History

i18n: Concepts
importing PO files: Normalizing
include file libintl.h: Overview
include file libintl.h: Importing
include file libintl.h: Comparison
include file libintl.h: lib/gettext.h
initialization: Triggering
initialize new PO file: msginit Invocation
initialize translations from a compendium: Using Compendia
installing gettext: Installation
interface to catgets: Interface to catgets
internationalization: Concepts
inttypes.h: Preparing Strings
ISO 3166: Country Codes
ISO 639: Language Codes

Java: Java
Java mode, and msgfmt program: msgfmt Invocation
Java mode, and msgunfmt program: msgunfmt Invocation
Java, string concatenation: Preparing Strings
java-format flag: PO Files
java-printf-format flag: PO Files
javascript-format flag: PO Files

KDE format strings: xgettext Invocation
KDE PO file editor: KBabel
kde-format flag: PO Files
keyboard accelerator checking: msgfmt Invocation

l10n: Concepts
language codes: Language Codes
language selection: Locale Environment Variables
language selection at runtime: gettext grok
large package: Ambiguities
LGPL, GNU Lesser General Public License: GNU LGPL
libiconv library: AM_ICONV
libintl for C#: C#
libintl for Java: Java
libintl library: AM_GNU_GETTEXT
librep Lisp: librep
librep-format flag: PO Files
Licenses: Licenses
link with libintl: Overview
Linux: Aspects
Linux: Overview
Linux: Header Entry
Lisp: Common Lisp
lisp-format flag: PO Files
list of translation teams, where to find: Header Entry
locale categories: Aspects
locale categories: Aspects
locale category, LC_ALL: Triggering
locale category, LC_COLLATE: Triggering
locale category, LC_CTYPE: Aspects
locale category, LC_CTYPE: Triggering
locale category, LC_CTYPE: Triggering
locale category, LC_MESSAGES: Aspects
locale category, LC_MESSAGES: Triggering
locale category, LC_MONETARY: Aspects
locale category, LC_MONETARY: Triggering
locale category, LC_NUMERIC: Aspects
locale category, LC_NUMERIC: Triggering
locale category, LC_RESPONSES: Triggering
locale category, LC_TIME: Aspects
locale category, LC_TIME: Triggering
locale program: Header Entry
localization: Concepts
lookup message translation: gettext Invocation
lookup message translation: eval_gettext Invocation
lookup message translation with context: eval_pgettext Invocation
lookup plural message translation: ngettext Invocation
lookup plural message translation: eval_ngettext Invocation
lookup plural message translation with context: eval_npgettext Invocation
lua-format flag: PO Files

magic signature of MO files: MO Files extensions: po/Rules-*
Makevars file: po/Makevars
manipulating PO files: Manipulating
marking Perl sources: Perl
marking string initializers: Special cases
marking strings that require translation: Mark Keywords
marking strings, preparations: Preparing Strings
marking translatable strings: Overview
markup: Preparing Strings
menu entries: Contexts
menu, keyboard accelerator support: msgfmt Invocation
merge PO files: msgcat Invocation
merging two PO files: Manipulating
message catalog files location: Locating Catalogs
messages: Aspects
migration from earlier versions of gettext: Prerequisites
mkinstalldirs file: mkinstalldirs
mnemonics of menu entries: msgfmt Invocation
MO file’s format: MO Files
modify message attributes: msgattrib Invocation
msgattrib program, usage: msgattrib Invocation
msgcat program, usage: msgcat Invocation
msgcmp program, usage: msgcmp Invocation
msgcomm program, usage: msgcomm Invocation
msgconv program, usage: msgconv Invocation
msgctxt: PO Files
msgen program, usage: msgen Invocation
msgexec program, usage: msgexec Invocation
msgfilter filter and catalog encoding: msgfilter Invocation
msgfilter program, usage: msgfilter Invocation
msgfmt program, usage: msgfmt Invocation
msggrep program, usage: msggrep Invocation
msgid: PO Files
msgid_plural: PO Files
msginit program, usage: msginit Invocation
msgmerge program, usage: msgmerge Invocation
msgstr: PO Files
msgunfmt program, usage: msgunfmt Invocation
msguniq program, usage: msguniq Invocation
multi-line strings: Normalizing

Native Language Support: Concepts
Natural Language Support: Concepts
newlines in PO files: PO Files
ngettext: Plural forms
ngettext program, usage: ngettext Invocation
NLS: Concepts
no-awk-format flag: PO Files
no-boost-format flag: PO Files
no-c++-format flag: PO Files
no-c-format flag: PO Files
no-c-format, and xgettext: c-format Flag
no-csharp-format flag: PO Files
no-elisp-format flag: PO Files
no-gcc-internal-format flag: PO Files
no-gfc-internal-format flag: PO Files
no-java-format flag: PO Files
no-java-printf-format flag: PO Files
no-javascript-format flag: PO Files
no-kde-format flag: PO Files
no-librep-format flag: PO Files
no-lisp-format flag: PO Files
no-lua-format flag: PO Files
no-objc-format flag: PO Files
no-object-pascal-format flag: PO Files
no-perl-brace-format flag: PO Files
no-perl-format flag: PO Files
no-php-format flag: PO Files
no-python-brace-format flag: PO Files
no-python-format flag: PO Files
no-qt-format flag: PO Files
no-qt-plural-format flag: PO Files
no-ruby-format flag: PO Files
no-scheme-format flag: PO Files
no-sh-format flag: PO Files
no-smalltalk-format flag: PO Files
no-tcl-format flag: PO Files
no-ycp-format flag: PO Files
nplurals, in a PO file header: Plural forms
number format: Aspects
N_, a convenience macro: Comparison

objc-format flag: PO Files
Object Pascal: Pascal
object-pascal-format flag: PO Files
obsolete entries: Obsolete Entries
OEM encoding: Working in a Windows console
optimization of gettext functions: Optimized gettext
orthography: Manipulating
outdigits: c-format
output to stdout, xgettext: xgettext Invocation
overview of gettext: Overview

package and version declaration in
package build and installation options: Installers
package distributor’s view of gettext: Installers
package installer’s view of gettext: Installers
package maintainer’s view of gettext: Maintainers
paragraphs: Preparing Strings
Pascal: Pascal
Perl: Perl
Perl default keywords: Default Keywords
Perl invalid string interpolation: Interpolation I
Perl long lines: Long Lines
Perl parentheses: Parentheses
Perl pitfalls: Perl Pitfalls
Perl quote-like expressions: Quote-like Expressions
Perl special keywords for hash-lookups: Special Keywords
Perl valid string interpolation: Interpolation II
perl-brace-format flag: PO Files
perl-format flag: PO Files
pgettext: Contexts
pgettext_expr: Contexts
php-format flag: PO Files
Pike: Pike
plural form formulas: Plural forms
plural forms: Plural forms
plural forms, in MO files: MO Files
plural forms, in PO files: PO Files
plural forms, translating: Translating plural forms
plural, in a PO file header: Plural forms
PO files’ format: PO Files
PO mode (Emacs) commands: Main PO Commands
PO template file: Template
Pology: Other tools
portability problems with sed: msgfilter Invocation file: po/
po_file_check_all: Checking API
po_file_create: po_file_t API
po_file_domains: po_file_t API
po_file_domain_header: PO Header Entry API
po_file_free: po_file_t API
po_file_read: po_file_t API
po_file_write: po_file_t API
po_format_list: Format Type API
po_format_pretty_name: Format Type API
po_header_field: PO Header Entry API
po_header_set_field: PO Header Entry API
po_message_add_filepos: po_filepos_t API
po_message_check_all: Checking API
po_message_check_format: Checking API
po_message_comments: po_message_t API
po_message_create: po_message_t API
po_message_extracted_comments: po_message_t API
po_message_filepos: po_filepos_t API
po_message_is_format: po_message_t API
po_message_is_fuzzy: po_message_t API
po_message_is_obsolete: po_message_t API
po_message_is_range: po_message_t API
po_message_iterator: po_message_iterator_t API
po_message_iterator_free: po_message_iterator_t API
po_message_msgctxt: po_message_t API
po_message_msgid: po_message_t API
po_message_msgid_plural: po_message_t API
po_message_msgstr: po_message_t API
po_message_msgstr_plural: po_message_t API
po_message_prev_msgctxt: po_message_t API
po_message_prev_msgid: po_message_t API
po_message_prev_msgid_plural: po_message_t API
po_message_remove_filepos: po_filepos_t API
po_message_set_comments: po_message_t API
po_message_set_extracted_comments: po_message_t API
po_message_set_format: po_message_t API
po_message_set_fuzzy: po_message_t API
po_message_set_msgctxt: po_message_t API
po_message_set_msgid: po_message_t API
po_message_set_msgid_plural: po_message_t API
po_message_set_msgstr: po_message_t API
po_message_set_msgstr_plural: po_message_t API
po_message_set_obsolete: po_message_t API
po_message_set_prev_msgctxt: po_message_t API
po_message_set_prev_msgid: po_message_t API
po_message_set_prev_msgid_plural: po_message_t API
po_message_set_range: po_message_t API
po_next_message: po_message_iterator_t API
preparing programs for translation: Sources
preparing rules for XML translation: Preparing ITS Rules
preparing shell scripts for translation: Preparing Shell Scripts
problems with catgets interface: Problems with catgets
programming languages: Language Implementors
Python: Python
python-brace-format flag: PO Files
python-format flag: PO Files

Qt format strings: xgettext Invocation
Qt mode, and msgfmt program: msgfmt Invocation
qt-format flag: PO Files
qt-plural-format flag: PO Files
quotation marks: Header Entry
quotation marks: po/Rules-*
quote characters, use in PO files: Header Entry

range: flag: PO Files
recode-sr-latin program: msgfilter Invocation
related reading: References
release: Release Management
Ruby: Ruby
ruby-format flag: PO Files

Scheme: Scheme
scheme-format flag: PO Files
scripting languages: Language Implementors
search messages in a catalog: msggrep Invocation
selecting message language: Locale Environment Variables
sentence end markers, xgettext: xgettext Invocation
sentences: Preparing Strings
setting up gettext at build time: Installers
setting up gettext at run time: Locale Environment Variables
several domains: Ambiguities
sex: Introduction
sh-format flag: PO Files
she, he, and they: Introduction
shell format string: envsubst Invocation
shell scripts: sh
Smalltalk: Smalltalk
smalltalk-format flag: PO Files
sorting msgcat output: msgcat Invocation
sorting msgmerge output: msgmerge Invocation
sorting msgunfmt output: msgunfmt Invocation
sorting output of xgettext: xgettext Invocation
specifying plural form in a PO file: Plural forms
standard output, and msgcat: msgcat Invocation
standard output, and msgmerge program: msgmerge Invocation
string concatenation: Preparing Strings
string normalization in entries: Normalizing
style: Preparing Strings
supported languages, msgfmt: msgfmt Invocation
supported languages, xgettext: xgettext Invocation
supported syntax checks, xgettext: xgettext Invocation

Tcl: Tcl
Tcl mode, and msgfmt program: msgfmt Invocation
Tcl mode, and msgunfmt program: msgunfmt Invocation
tcl-format flag: PO Files
template PO file: Overview
testing .po files for equivalence: xgettext Invocation
Tk’s scripting language: Tcl
translated entries: Translated Entries
translating menu entries: Contexts
translation aspects: Aspects
Translation Matrix: Installing Localizations
Translation Project: Why
turning off NLS support: lib/gettext.h
tutorial of gettext usage: Overview

unify duplicate translations: msguniq Invocation
untranslated entries: Untranslated Entries
update translations from a compendium: Using Compendia
upgrading to new versions of gettext: Prerequisites

version control for backup files, msgmerge: msgmerge Invocation

Windows: Working in a Windows console
wxWidgets library: wxWidgets

xargs, and output from msgexec: msgexec Invocation
xerror: Error Handling
xerror2: Error Handling
xgettext program, usage: xgettext Invocation
XML mode, and msgfmt program: msgfmt Invocation
xmodmap program, and typing quotation marks: Header Entry

YaST2 scripting language: YCP
ycp-format flag: PO Files

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