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17.2.3 Translating Teams

For the Free Translation Project to be a success, we need interested people who like their own language and write it well, and who are also able to synergize with other translators speaking the same language. Each translation team has its own mailing list. The up-to-date list of teams can be found at the Free Translation Project’s homepage,, in the "Teams" area.

If you’d like to volunteer to work at translating messages, you should become a member of the translating team for your own language. The subscribing address is not the same as the list itself, it has ‘-request’ appended. For example, speakers of Swedish can send a message to, having this message body:


Keep in mind that team members are expected to participate actively in translations, or at solving translational difficulties, rather than merely lurking around. If your team does not exist yet and you want to start one, or if you are unsure about what to do or how to get started, please write to to reach the coordinator for all translator teams.

The English team is special. It works at improving and uniformizing the terminology in use. Proven linguistic skills are praised more than programming skills, here.